AUSPIT 'Barbecue the Australian Way!’

AUSPIT 'Barbecue the Australian way!'

The simplicity of sitting around a (camp)fire at the end of the day with good food, good friends or family and a good conversation far surpasses any daily problems, monetary loss or global financial crisis. Auspit will not distract you in any way, slow food is the answer. Your Auspit will cater to all your needs and will do the work for you. You only have to watch your food slowly rotate to perfection.  Just enjoy life !



(At least) 7 Reasons why you should have an  AUSPIT !

  • Social: When you organize a dinner for your guests you can join the party. You do not have to keep turning the burgers or wings from the grill so they do not burn. The Auspit does the work for you!
  • Veggie Barbie: Because of the unique features of Auspit it is very easy to prepare vegetarian dishes. Veggies and potatoes are easily prepared in the “Spitmate” and on the “Spikes”. Just put a corncob on one of the  spikes and watch it tumble!
  • Ease of Use: Cooking has neven been easier. Just put in the ingredients and the Auspit will do the job. The swing away action is unique and allows you to work with it safely away from heat and smoke.
  • Magical : The social setting of an Auspit far surpasses the experience of a covered BBQ.  Watching your food slowly cook to perfection is a magical experience!
  • Healthy : The rotisserie action rotate your preperations in their own juices. The fat will cook away. The rotating motion and lack of contact with a grilling surface help avoid blackening of your products often associated with traditional BBQ / grilling.
  • Cordless : The Auspit runs on just two D Batteries for up to 150 hours, you can take it anywhere and Auspit will not let you down!